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Paul Bartholomew will be coming back July 16th. Due to a mix up on the start time of the show we could not complete his interview on June 11th.

Below is an excerpt from his new book called Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England.

The Saga of the Adirondack Wild Man

In the winter of 1932, two trappers encountered a Bigfoot-like crea-
ture roaming the backwoods of Hamilton County. The saga began
one cold night in February, when two Indian Lake cousins, Richard
Farrell and Reg Spring, were trapping for furs. They came upon a
cabin two miles south of Blue Mountain Lake in the area known as
the O'Neil Flow. As they grew closer they spotted a mysterious,
hulking creature covered in hair, seven feet tall, peering through a
window. When it ran off, they examined the footprints. They were
massive, measuring thirty inches in length.

The New York State Police, was organized to search for the giant.
Trooper Charles B. McCann headed the party which included fellow
Trooper Addison Hall, conservation officer Jack Farrell, Charles
Turner and Ernest Blanchard of Indian Lake, and the two trappers.
The group headed straight for the cabin and soon spotted the huge
footprints in the snow.

Don't miss the rescheduled interview. Coming Wednesday night, July 16th, at 9 pm Central time, 10 pm Eastern.

J. Robert Swain created this cartoon of the show and graciously gave me permission to use it. He and his 9 year old son, Jamie, listen to the show each week and we appreciate his loyalty and talent so much we wanted to post his cartoon here.

Robert is quite an accomplished cartoonist and has many cartoons depicting sasquatch. We know he'll find an outlet for that enormous talent that we all will enjoy. If he puts a book of them together I hope to be the first in line to purchase it!

Thank you Robert and Jamie for sharing this marvelous cartoon and for listening to our show each week!

Keep those funnies coming!

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